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The Blocknet Protocol
Blocknet is a 2nd layer blockchain interoperability protocol that enables communication, interaction & exchange between different blockchains.

13 May, Cape Town Blocknet tokens are now listed on Pangolin DEX in advance of the release of the Blocknet’s decentralized Avalanche indexer. The listing puts $aaBLOCK, a means of payment for indexed chain data, on Avalanche’s C-chain, and serves to introduce the Avalanche community to the Blocknet.

With the Blocknet’s initial release of its decentralized indexer of Avalanche’s blockchains due this month, and a planned migration to its own subnet in due course, significant mutual interest between the two projects’ communities has emerged. …

The Blocknet is extending the power of Avalanche’s subnets with a decentralized indexing system, enabling dapps to use Avalanche contracts and transactions alongside those on any other blockchain in a trustless fashion. In addition, the Blocknet will migrate its own chain to Avalanche in order to be able to focus fully on interchain product development.

Upon completion of the Avalanche indexing system (expected to be completed by May 2021), developers building with Blocknet and Avalanche will gain Avalanche chain data in a decentralized and accessible form, as well as the ability to orchestrate contracts on potentially every blockchain in existence.

22 April 2021, Bostonthe Blocknet accelerates its efforts on two fronts, enabling the most decentralized exchange to trade Ethereum tokens with over 140 different blockchains, and making Avalanche and Ethereum chain data available via decentralized API, empowering dapp developers to easily orchestrate contracts and protocols on different blockchains.

Delivering a decentralized internet

The potential for blockchain technology to disrupt the world’s major digital monopolies is tremendous. However, among blockchain interoperability projects, only the Blocknet is decentralized at the interchain level itself. Other approaches place either a single blockchain’s consensus, or the agreement of a small group of individuals, at its centre, which…

Hydra enables developers to easily access accurate and reliable Blockchain information across potentially any blockchain with a simple drop-in URL.

Powered by the Blocknet Protocol, Hydra provides users with an all-in-one solution for all supported chains including Ethereum. Hydra can be used to monetize any service with crypto payments without having to re-code or change anything about those existing applications. It also allows for Ethereum dApps to connect to a “Decentralized Infura” and, just like Infura, it comes with a payment gateway and support for enterprise clients.

Built on top of the Blocknet Protocol, Hydra solves all the issues surrounding…

XRouter solves the issues surrounding blockchain interoperability and scalability, advancing Blockchain 3.0 technology and opening up the gates to mainstream blockchain adoption.

XRouter is a layer 2 TCP/IP blockchain solution allowing interoperability between ALL blockchains with the additional ability to also connect to non blockchain infrastructures so that an ecosystem of blockchain connected oracles can be built. XRouter forms a part of the Blocknet Protocol. This is a major milestone for blockchain as Blocknet has now made available the world’s first truly decentralized blockchain router, allowing developers to utilize on-chain data and services from public and private blockchains without needing…

Getting started with XLite Wallet and Block DX decentralized exchange

Trading privacy from beginning to end.

The general release of XLite, the new multi-asset wallet from Blocknet is now available to download. XLite is the first wallet of its kind anywhere in crypto. Securely store and manage your cryptocurrencies from a single wallet and quickly and easily connect XLite directly to BLOCK DX, Blocknet’s Decentralized Exchange. No more centralized exchanges, no more KYC, no more Blockchain downloads, no more restrictions. True decentralized trading freedom from beginning to end has arrived.

XLite Main Features

The XLite v1.0 dashboard

February 2021


This newsletter is published once per month and is aimed at keeping the Blocknet community up-to-date on the finer details of the project. For those who are new to the Blocknet, we recommend you also check out the latest Ecosystem Update for a broader understanding of our project’s progress and vision.

XLite public release— The long awaited XLite wallet 1.0 is now live! This release represents a major step towards our goal of building a user friendly fully decentralized exchange. Further updates to improve the user experience are already being planned. …

7 Feb 2021, Boston – with the Blocknet’s core components in production, it is positioned to bring a variety of strategically important products and tools to market. To achieve this, it is parallelizing its development, with the hire of developers in a variety of languages, and a more tightly focused, granular costing and management methodology. A key focus of this new approach is to bring ERC20/ETH support to the most decentralized exchange in existence, Block DX. Alongside this is to make Block DX’s. core component, XBridge, available as a JavaScript library to enable wider use in the web3.0 …

Your one-stop-shop for all the latest Blocknet news each month.

Quick Take

  • Our DEX compatible multi-wallet, XLite, will be released February 3rd at 15:00 UTC!
  • Block DX v1.9.0 with automated XLite configuration has been released.
  • Block DX sees highest monthly volume to date.
  • Our decentralized replacement for Infura, Hydra, is set to launch in Q1 2021.

XLite Wallet — Public Release!

The wait is over. Our DEX compatible multi-wallet, XLite, will be released February 3rd at 15:00 UTC! This is a major leap forward for the Blocknet, and marks the beginning of the new cross-chain DeFi era — we couldn’t be more excited.

XLite is a first-of-kind DEX compatible lite wallet. Put simply, it’s a…

We are excited to release Block DX 1.9.0! This release is recommended for the forthcoming 1.0 version release of the CloudChains Inc. light wallet, XLite, coming on the 3rd of February.
Click here for more information about XLite:

This latest Block DX release includes:

  • Updated default pricing source to utilize the new CloudChains API
  • Auto-setup config for XLite wallet
  • Added rpcworkqueue=128 to blocknet.conf when using DX setup
  • Updated Electron to v11.1.1
  • Updated Angular to v11
  • Added support for native arm build

And the following bug fixes:

  • Increased the order windows detail height on Mac OS
  • Improved error message when…

The Blocknet Protocol

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