Blocknet: 2017 in review and what to look forward to in 2018!

  • Thanks to the quick work of @ftriboix, integration of Ethereum and all ERC20 tokens is now roughly 50% complete!
  • The DX API, which is being worked on by the DX Tool Team and the Euro Team, is currently 75% complete with many improvements.
  • The DX UI, which is being developed by VSA Partners is 75% compete.
  • The DX UI integration, which requires the DX API to be complete, is now expected to be completed in January. This is a slight delay from what was hoped, but we believe it is better to delay a release than to make compromises.
  • Integration and successful trades of 10 additional verified supported coins. These will be announced soon!
  • Blocknet Wiki is being worked on by Baron and Philip Marshall which is approximately 50% complete.
  • A Blocknet DX visual explorer is being worked on by @infinity7592 and is now 25% complete.
  • API documentation auto-generation is 50% complete and will soon be accessible through a web page.
  • Coinmarketcap updated to source link to the new Github repo and added a link to Rocket Chat and Telegram. Telegram has seen a 10% growth in members in the past week!
  • Community representatives have been selected by the community. They are @stormingj and @thebaron.
  • A dedicated Korean Telegram channel( with a huge thanks to @cricket for helping manage this channel!
  • Multisig accounts still need to be tested. Until reliable functionality can be certain, the community funds will be held in regular accounts. The spending of these funds will still go through a 4-of-7 approval process consisting of Dan(atcsecure), Arlyn(synechist), Michael(michael), Jeff(86b), Hanni(hanniabu), Justice(@stormingj), and Baron(@thebaron).
  • Creation of a community funds tracker for transparency on fund usage:
  • Creation of a project tracker for transparency on progress:
  • Creation of a translations tracker for open community contribution:
  • Initial talks of producing a high quality Blocknet video. (@Mav137, @bob) (In early planning stages)
  • Arlyn is continuing work on the whitepaper.
  • The community-driven marketing group is taking form with the addition of #marketing-investors, #marketing-users, #marketing-developers, #designers, #video, #events, #pr, #documentation, #support, #support-users, and #support-developers. This separation of groups will help the community better organize initiatives as well as allow for an influx of new members.
  • Blocknet DX launch with SPV multi-wallets.
  • Marketing campaign.
  • A facelift of the current website in preparation for 2 brand new websites (Blocknet protocol and Blocknet DX sites).
  • Rocket Chat improvements.
  • Blocknet Whitepaper.
  • A Blocknet presence at cryptocurrency events, forums and meetings (currently in the planning stages.)
  • Integration with Ledger Hard wallet.
  • Blocknet DX TradingView integration.
  • Arbitrage trading bot library.
  • DX API enhancements.
  • DX order book enhancements.
  • Visual DX explorer: @infinity7592 (Early demo has been shared).
  • Analytics site (think, but for the Blocknet DX).
  • 0x integration (addition of Ethereum and all ERC20 tokens to Blocknet DX).
  • Ethfinex integration (Bitfinex’s order book on Blocknet DX).
  • Blocknet DX mobile app.
  • Blocknet DX website.
  • Newsletter Updates.
  • API documentation web page.
  • “Offline orders” feature (orders stay live after wallet is closed).
  • Decentralized leveraged trading (p2p loan swaps locked to longs/shorts).
  • Decentralized ICO dApp.
  • Modularisation of core components (network overlay, blockchain router and data transport).
  • Abstraction of core services into dedicated APIs (service lookup, inter-chain messaging, and decentralized exchange).
  • An additional 70 coins for the DX are being worked on and are at various stages of integration.




Blocknet is a 2nd layer blockchain interoperability protocol that enables communication, interaction & exchange between different blockchains.

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The Blocknet Protocol

The Blocknet Protocol

Blocknet is a 2nd layer blockchain interoperability protocol that enables communication, interaction & exchange between different blockchains.

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