With the Q3 roadmap complete, Blocknet has made truly decentralized trading easier than ever before! But it doesn’t end there: with XRouter SPV integration in new wallets, in-dapp Block DX updates, extended order time outs and more to come in the Q4 roadmap, Blocknet is plowing full steam ahead!

Completed Q3 Roadmap

All milestones on the Q3 Roadmap for both the wallet and Block DX are now complete and the latest versions of both can be downloaded below.

Blocknet is a second layer blockchain interoperability protocol that enables communication, interaction, and exchange between different blockchains allowing for the development of multi-chain applications and blockchain microservice architectures. To showcase the potential of the protocol, Blocknet has developed Block DX, a truly decentralized exchange, as the first dApp.

Block DX

The latest version (0.8.0) of Block DX can be download here. In addition to the automated set up and “place order by price” feature of the previous release, this new release now also includes:

  • The ability to place and view orders of any market pair in terms of BTC prices

Note: this is not a mandatory release unless you want to use the new features.


The latest version (3.10.5) of the wallet can be downloaded here. This release includes:

  • New Transaction History screen

Note: this is not a mandatory release unless you want to use the above features and if you want to view the price chart within Block DX.

Looking ahead

Q4 is going to be another busy period for Blocknet with many exciting updates to XBridge, XRouter, Block DX and more! Check out the new roadmap:


  • Additional verification checks are being placed in the DX order system to improve the efficiency of the order book.


  • XRouter SPV integration will be finalized and included in all new wallets moving forward. This update will allow signed transactions from other blockchains to be submitted to each respective network without having those blockchains installed!

Block DX

  • In-app update capabilities will notify users when an update is possible and allow them to update easily within Block DX!


  • Setting options currently open as a new window. The new Setting screen will pull this functionality into the main window with a fresh and clean look.

A roadmap with longer term goals will also be published soon.

Check out the Blocknet community discord and Blocknet website for the latest information, discussion and developments.

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Blocknet is a 2nd layer blockchain interoperability protocol that enables communication, interaction & exchange between different blockchains.