Blocknet: The Essentials

XRouter Essentials

  • Interact with any and all public or private chains.
  • Interconnect and harness contracts, protocols, and services from other Blockchains.
  • Provides an inter-blockchain SPV client backend, enabling the verification of blockchain records without requiring users to download the full blockchain.
  • Allows for a “decentralized Infura”.
  • XRouter proxy for enterprise clients allows for millions of transactions per second.
  • On-demand payment gateway for services.

XBridge Essentials

  • Decentralized exchange protocol.
  • Serverless DHT-based peer-to-peer network.
  • Integrate locally with nodes on​ other​ networks.
  • Allows for decentralized capital storage, order broadcast, order matching and settlement.

XCloud Essentials

  • Allows decentralized access to off-chain oracle information and data.
  • Build blockchain and oracle services with API and URL endpoints.
  • Monetize any service with crypto payments.
  • Use existing applications without re-coding.
  • Build decentralized applications.

Service Node Essentials

  • Service Nodes earn 100% of fees from XBridge, XRouter, and XCloud services.
  • Service Nodes can specify their own fees which are paid in BLOCK.
  • Fees can be earned from any service provided as well as from trades on Block DX, a decentralized exchange.
  • Service Nodes serve oracle data, verify UTXOs, perform anti-spam and anti-DOS measures for the network.
  • Vote on and create proposals.

Block DX Essentials

  • 100% decentralized and trustless utilizing XRouter and XBridge.
  • Cross-chain atomic swaps.
  • Trade between any and all blockchains.
  • Trade directly wallet to wallet with no third party.
  • No proxy tokens or coloured coins.
  • No KYC.
  • Free listings open to all.

Blocknet Essential Articles.



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