Community Superblock: 1641600 Please vote!

It’s time to vote for the latest proposals!

Please note: Voting has changed with the release of Blocknet Comet. Please view the updated requirements regarding voting here.

There is a great responsibility for the community to vote either “yes,” or “no,” on the proposals. It cannot be emphasised enough how much the proposal authors and the Blocknet team relies on the community to vote on project proposals to ensure continued funding for development of the Blocknet.

The proposals for superblock 1641600 can be viewed below or on the forum here . Please note, proposals are being submitted individually so please make sure you scroll down and take your time to look over each proposal. For any late proposals please check the forum above.

In the latest wallet voting is now much easier. Navigate to the proposal area:

Open the wallet and in the side menu, go to Proposals. The wallet needs to be unlocked to cast votes. The Proposals screen shows all the proposals submitted to the network. Above the list of proposals there is an option to filter by Upcoming, which displays the proposals that can currently be voted on. Select this filter to view all proposals currently open for voting.

Review the proposals and the amount requested. It’s a good idea to consider the total Superblock budget, the other proposals amounts requested, the priorities of the project, and if the proposal aligns with those priorities and greater vision of the project. The link for each proposal should lead to a description of what the proposal is for with some background information and objectives. The voting system will automatically calculate how many votes you have available according to your balance (1 vote per 5000 BLOCK) and cast your full vote weight when voting (5562 BLOCK balance = 1 vote, 49635 BLOCK balance = 9 votes.

When ready to vote on a proposal, select the Vote button. A popup will appear that will be used to vote from. Select whether you’d like to approve the proposal (Yes) or vote against the proposal (No). After you have selected how you wish to vote, select the Vote button. This registers your vote to the network after the vote transaction has 1 confirmation (about 1 minute). Once you have voted you can change your vote by selecting the Change Vote button and selecting you new vote.

Voting Complete!

  1. Repeat this process for every proposal you are voting for.
  2. Your vote is not counted until the voting transaction fee has 1 confirmation (typically 1 minute), after which your votes will be accounted for.
  3. If you spend any of your 5000 BLOCK inputs after you vote, the vote is marked invalid and you will need to cast your vote(s) again.
  4. If you are staking, your vote will automatically re-cast.

The latest Superblock details are below in alphabetical order:

Superblock 1641600

Proposal Name: Balena-1641600 Owner: Balena

Cost: 5000 BLOCK

Proposal: Coin Telegraph recoup costs

Hello Community , as you know Blocknet nears release of 2 great pieces of tech thats been long anticipated . Xlite / Xrouter . After talking to Cointelegraph the nr.1 News Outlet in Crypto , I have managed to secure a Deal which come in the form of a ValuePackage Cointelegraph offered which consist of a 3 Article writing for The Blocknet and some more coverage over Cointelegraph recommendation widget . All of this was offered for 21k$ which is a good price, taken separately this would mean a little in excess of 30–35k$.

After talking with the team and seeing I get supported in this effort I offered to pay for this in advance . I have managed to liquidate BLOCK for Bitcoin OTC to a friend of mine for the price at the time of liquidation of .90c per BLOCK.

Now I have to recover these BLOCK coins , which I thought id do over the next 4 Months not to burden SB funding. Please show your support for this great cause to get the word out there about the tech.

Closing Note.
I don’t make any money or profit in any way out of this deal . just an upfront Pay that im supporting to recover it in the months to come.

— — — —

Proposal Name: core-dev-1641600 Owner: atcsecure

Cost: 23660 BLOCK

Proposal: Core Development


Core-DEV Proposal:

  • Covers development for Blocknet Core, XBridge, XRouter, LW UI

Completed Work for previous SB:

  • Litewallet UI

Goals/Directives for This SB:

  • ERC20 XBridge Integration

— — — —

Proposal Name: corgi-oct Owner: Crypto Corgi

Cost: 800 BLOCK

Proposal: Crypto Corgi Twitter

  • Continue preparing and publishing engaging content daily to @The_Blocknet and @BlockDXExchange twitter accounts.
  • Communicate with followers, respond to queries in a timely manner and monitor user feedback.
  • Oversee the twitter brand image and implement social media strategy to align with project objectives
  • Stay up-to-date with crypto twitter, news, technology and trendS
  • Collaborate with the team

Additional Volunteer Work Performed Last Month:

  • The sole or primary author of the majority of the written content on the website (e.g. overview section and longer form descriptions)
  • The sole or primary author of various written content for the new Blocknet website, including descriptions of the XRouter and XBridge protocol
  • Prepared a draft outline for a CoinTelegraph article as part of @Balena’s marketing initiative
  • Prepared graphics content for future project publications:

— — — —

Proposal Name: Ecosystem_Update: Owner: Crypto Corgi

Cost: 450 BLOCK

Proposal: Ecosystem Update


I have been asked by @shorn, as part of his ongoing marketing initiatives, to start writing a once monthly Ecosystem Update newsletter.

This Ecosystem Update will be blog-style article that covers one or more important topics relevant to the project, such as releases, roadmap, project goals, products, etc.

It will be written in a plain english format and put the project’s current progress in context of its longer-term goals and vision.

This approachable blog format will be a nice compliment to the current “Word of the Block” newsletter, which provides more of a summary point-form overview, and will allow people to follow along while getting excited about the Blocknet’s progress and vision!

Since this will be the first Ecosystem Update, I am providing the following draft preview. Please keep in mind this is only a draft preview for example purposes and the final product will tie-in other aspects.

— — — —

Proposal Name: fazer-dxmbot-011 Owner: Fazer

Cost: 300 BLOCK (fazer) (development + running experimental 24/7 liquidity bot for testing, debug, collect stats)

Proposal: DX Bot

Previous Work:

All next followed features list will be prioritized on the fly by research and development of dxmakerbot.
Done/in testing updates of this “rolling up” proposal are moved from Overview: to Previous Work: section.


  • Purpose of this proposal is to continue with dxmakerbot research, development, testing, bugfixing, support, code refactoring and rolling-up new features and makerbot versions.
  • possible features/work to be done:
  • add more dxmakerbot events/features(exit bot events, reset order events, reopen order events, wait order events)
  • add save and restore orders from file
  • save orders to db before exit, dxmakerbot session will be able to cancel only session specified orders on reconfig/exit/crash
  • update configuration verification if missing something to be more user friendly
  • PUMP/DUMP auto management, feature is expected in V3 makerbot
  • autodetect and precompute possible next pump
  • dxtakerbot/dxmakerbot automatically selling all coins of wallet which is detected as going to dump…
  • feature is to automatically compute top price of next pump and cover it.
  • feature to opposite dxbot side to detect pump/dump to disable dxbot to not make a loss.
  • add log exp linear orders-spread distribution. had some discussion about it, but still not sure.
  • educational examples & info-graphics & video tutorials how to use dxmakerbot
  • release makerbot v3 which will be complex fileconfig BlockDX maker/taker bot with pre-configured multiple strategies which will be automatically executed/stopped by hiting conditions to ie: auto long, short, stabilize price.
  • mirroring open orders from external exchanges
  • staggered orders row/valley/hill + log/exp/linear.
  • I believe that i gives you many reasons to vote up this proposal to continue dxmakerbot development and all stuff around.
    Thanks for your time & MTFBWY
    Hopefully see you later on upcoming dxmakerbot development.

— — — —

Proposal Name: fazer-liquidity-002 Owner: Fazer

Cost: 2000 BLOCK (fazer) (100% to 24/7 liquidity)

Proposal: DX Liquidity

Previous Work:

  • dxmakerbot research and development
    — details in fazer-dxmbot-001 to fazer-dxmbot-011 proposals


  • providing 24/7 liquidity by running dxmakerbot on BlockDX
  • running with takerbot feature enabled on 15 seconds
  • 100% of funds will be pushed into liquidity
  • expectations are that bot will be running swaps for a ~months maybe years until goes to ~zero or maybe never
  • running BLOCK-LTC BLOCK-BTC pairs chosen on the fly by community needs.
  • possible to reserve some BTC-LTC to run also this pair
  • timing is important, needs to have systems configured and ready before lite wallet release, so right timing to start it right with light wallet release
  • liquidity must be configured to do not affect users running bot nor moving price down
  • maybe good start before Light wallet release is to slow sell half of funds, for example BLOCK to LTC and be ready for Light wallet release
  • moving liquidity/open-orders from CEX to DEX mostly orders to balance both side of trading pairs

— — — —

Proposal Name: rigden-social-pocketnet Owner: Rigden15937

Cost: 100 BLOCK

Proposal: Pocketnet

Previous Work:
Custom Blocknet key chains for Fazer.
Already spreading awareness about blocknet on pocketnet

As I mentionet before i have started spreading awareness about Blocknet on social network where also bunch of crypto conscious people are.
Im doing this job hoping it will bring more investors to the Blocknet Project. I’m already working on mirroring news mostly from twitter and discord. I think this account has made positive progress, has achieved some statistics and people are curious and asking about blocknet because they want to know more.

For more detailed statistic please check the link


— — — —

Proposal Name: Shorn-strategy-marketing-coordination-design-1641600 Owner: Shorn

Cost: 3500 BLOCK

Proposal: strategy, marketing, coordination, design


Hi all. This month I would like to continue my focus on marketing and strategic tasks including, but not limited to:

  • weekly update newsletter (design custom graphics, content research and writing, testing and reporting on campaign effectiveness)
  • Blockfolio weekly update post to 11k subscribers and reach out to other platforms to be included in their news updates
  • coordination and setup of new content production process to build ‘automated’ drip campaigns. Ensuring adherence to brand identity, email marketing campaign strategy and implementation, liaising with other contributors to make sure we cover all potential audiences for content, and reporting on campaign effectiveness
  • install, create written content and design assets for up a new opt-in marketing software tool. This will be used on the new website and blog to actively try and increase Discord members and email subscribers.
  • design, code and setup new landing pages similar to for other Blocknet products that we can use with targeted media such as press and our own articles. This is an effective strategy for increasing conversions from article links and email content.

Subtotal: 20hrs / week for marketing and strategy related tasks

  • UI and visual product design — including XLite UI improvements, QA with dev team, testing and optimisations for current release, feature and design planning for next beta release, community testing.

Subtotal: 5 hrs / week for UI and design related tasks

  • XLite mobile LW design — continue with mobile LW UI work to build finished working prototype (including feedback from current desktop app) — this design prototype will be used for an interactive marketing campaign

Subtotal: 3 hrs / week for XLite mobile prototype related tasks

  • new website maintenance and basic SEO optimisation — using a suite of tools and plugins I will be performing basic SEO updates on the new website until we have the budget available for a dedicated SEO manager

Subtotal: 2 hrs / week for SEO and maintenance related tasks

This proposal is capped at 25hrs / week @ 35 BLOCK = 3500(Any time worked over the 25 hours will be volunteered)

— — — —

Proposal Name: SocialPhilip_OCT20 Owner: Philip

Cost: 400 BLOCK

Proposal: Copywriter, Social Media Admin Proposal

  • I will publish the regular newsletter and proposal summary updates. Articles are currently on hold.

Cost Assessment:

A fixed amount of 400 BLOCK from the Superblock (Plus 10 BLOCK fee) @ $1.00 per BLOCK. I work between 1 hour and 5 hours on BLOCK items every day.

— — — —

Proposal Name: tech-ops-1641600 Owner: atcsecure

Cost: 3000 BLOCK

Proposal: TechOps

Once the infura solution is 100% completed and working as a drop in replacement for infura, focus will shift to finishing the automation (which now include the ability to easily deploy the infura solution w/ the eth-payment-processor)

— — — —

Proposal Name: techops-infra-1641600 Owner: atcsecure

Cost: 800 BLOCK

Proposal: TechOps Infrastructure

Covers costs for all infrastructure related costs related to project, BlockDX backend, Forum, website, seed nodes, gitian build server.

— — — —




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