Introducing BLOCK1000!

Welcome to BLOCK1000!

Earn BLOCK bounty rewards for spreading the word about Blocknet around the cryptoverse.

BLOCK1000 is a new community initiative designed to help grow the Blocknet community. We have a fund of 1000 BLOCK tokens that will be given out as rewards to individuals who will share Blocknet with others through social media posts and interactions.

Our Goal with BLOCK1000:

Our goal is to create and encourage a growing community of passionate individuals that are excited to help spread the word about Block DX, Blocknet interoperability, and our partnerships with other compatible blockchain communities.

We have a strong community of loyal BLOCK hodlers, but we have very few superfans who consistently shout from the mountaintops about Blocknet. We need superfans to help build more excitement around using Block DX. We need supporters who are excited to share Blocknet and Block DX with others. This will exponentially increase our exposure throughout the crypto community and generate a snowball effect.

We need YOUR help to bring Blocknet, Block DX, XRouter, XCloud, and all the future dApps and mApps to the greater cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Now is the time for the Blocknet community to grow. Let’s build our community together!

How Does This Work?

Twitter posts:

  • Receive 0.15 BLOCK (10 Block DX trading fees) for an original post or reply. Each post needs to include the following: 1) tag @the_blocknet; 2) include a hashtag (e.g. #decentralizedexchange & #BlockDX for posts about exchange hacks, trading on Block DX, etc.; or #interoperability & #InternetofBlockchains for posts about Blocknet & interoperability)

Reddit posts:

  • 5 BLOCK for an original (positive) post about Blocknet that generates at least 25 comments

How Do I Get Paid?

Each week, submit your posts to claim your rewards in a DM to @cryptoved on Discord.

Please note: posts must be considered meaningful and positive in nature. For example, “I like @the_blocknet #InternetofBlockchains #interoperability” isn’t adding much value to our brand and increasing our exposure. Please also keep in mind our Social Media Guidelines. We want to be positive and embrace other communities with our interactions. Also, we may occasionally modify the reward amounts to help encourage & optimize community participation.

We look forward to growing our community and drawing in more and more users on Block DX.
Above all, have fun with your posts! Thanks for helping Blocknet grow in 2019 and beyond!

For more information, and to join our BLOCK1000 community, please join our Discord server.

Here are some great examples of posts that would work well:

#MerryChristmas/#HappyHolidays #proofofkeys’ers! You should know there is a real DEX (no central servers at all) on which you can exchange while maintaining possession of your keys: @The_Blocknet’s BlockDX. I suggest you download and check it out at

— Seer [Jan/3➞₿

] (@bstr156) December 25, 2018

In the last 24 hours 27% of the total trading volume for $BLOCK was on @The_Blocknet’s own decentralized exchange #BlockDX.

It’s only a matter of time before the majority of all trading volume transitions from centralized exchanges to decentralized exchanges

— Crypto Corgi (@nb_crypto) December 19, 2018

Decentralized orderbook

Run trade bots with #xrouter

Run a light wallet for ANY coin

Run a ServiceNode w/ 5k $BLOCK, run a node of any other coin: that coin is now listed on @The_Blocknet’s DX #dex, and YOU earn the trade fees from it

— notsofast (@notsofast) December 9, 2018

A little teaser on what is possible right now with the $crypto router by @ATC_SECURE
There are so many valuable insights in that interview. Linked in the comments.
#Masternodemebro #Mapps #Blocknet #KillerApp #Interchain #Masternodes $SYS $BLOCK $BTC

— movingblocks (@blocksmoving) December 12, 2018

Many interesting blockchain use-cases, many of which could utilize Blocknet’s XRouter for improved functionality and leaner/less bloated architectures. #trustless #blockchain #interoperability #mapps

— Hanni Abu (@hanni_abu) December 11, 2018

Now here is #decentralization at it’s finest. @The_Blocknet and @DigiByteCoin Go swap your coins to #DGB No fuzz!! Try it out now!! Get yourself some #DigiBytes today!!

— BF67. just giving my opinion. Do as you please! (@FrederikBf67) December 10, 2018

One of the few truly decentralized exchanges is @The_Blocknet read more here:

— DecentralizedMatt (@DecentralizedM1) December 10, 2018

Listen to the lead dev at @The_Blocknet@ATC_SECURE fire talk with the @syscoin team on blocknets approach to #interoperability. $BLOCK $BWK #cryptopia #exchanges #xrouter #cyptobridge #poloniex #dex #atomicswaps

— movingblocks (@blocksmoving) December 10, 2018

Using xrouter, $BLOCK and $SYS @syscoin, you can straight up build a rich, complete $crypto options market.
Write your own puts and calls on crypto with your own expiries.
Trade those puts and calls on the DX
#dex, permissionlessly.
= Permissionless, KYC-free

— notsofast (@notsofast) December 9, 2018

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