Introducing Blocknet Comet (Mandatory Update)

  • XBridge is a true decentralized exchange protocol that allows users to conduct peer-to-peer trading of native assets directly from their own wallets.
  • XRouter is a decentralized full node SPV network that enables use of on-chain data from any public or private blockchain without requiring users to download the full blockchain.
  • XCloud is a decentralized oracle network that enables on-chain use of off-chain data, APIs, and services.

Blocknet Core

  • Blocknet’s default data directory has been renamed from BlocknetDX/ to Blocknet/ on Windows and MacOS and from .blocknetdx/ to .blocknet/ on Linux.
  • Blocknet’s wallet configuration file has been renamed from blocknetdx.conf to blocknet.conf.
  • When interacting with the wallet via CLI you will need to use blocknet-cli instead of blocknetdx-cli.
  • Support for the getinfo command has been dropped and replaced with getblockchaininfo.
  • Current Service Nodes will need to be set up again. You can view the instructions for this procedure here and the new guide for voting on proposals here.

Qt Wallet

Staking & Network Improvements


  • 25% of all voting Service Nodes in this Superblock must have voted on the proposal
  • 60% of votes must be “yes” (in favor)
  • At this point all valid proposals are prioritized according to these requirements:
  • The Superblock is then filled by as many valid proposals as possible according to the priority defined by (1), (2), and (3).
  • If there are not enough funds remaining in the Superblock for a proposal to fit, it is skipped (not paid out), and the next proposal in the priority list is checked for qualification

Service Nodes

XRouter & XCloud & XBridge

How to make the transition to Comet

Looking Forward



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