New Coins added to the Internet of Blockchains: Weekly Recap #2

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  • XCurrency (XC)

Useful information

  • SPV integration is underway. The Blocknet XRouter enables transactions to be verified through our Service Node network that are sent from a multi-wallet or lite wallet. This removes the requirement for a trader to have the synced blockchain of any coins being traded and empowers lightweight dapps to harness contracts and protocols from other blockchains, laying a foundation-stone for the decentralization of the API ecosystem.
  • Set up of Block DX will be streamlined and become more automated. This will make the set up process more user friendly.
  • A trading library is also under development. This library offers additional tools and abstraction to simplify the process of building a trading bot.
  • Implementation of the automatic purchase of Block from the top of the market to cover fees. This will mean constant buy pressure on Block.



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