Please Vote For The Latest Community Superblock: 1036800

Hello Snode owners! It’s time to vote for the latest proposals!

There is a great responsibility for Service Node (Snode) owners to vote either “yes,” or “no,” on the proposals. It cannot be emphasised enough how much the community as well as the Blocknet team relies on Snodes to vote on project proposals to ensure continued funding for development of the Blocknet.

The proposals for superblock 1036800 can be viewed below or on the NEW FORUM forum here. Please note, proposals are being submitted individually so please make sure you scroll down and take your time to look over each proposal.

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The latest Superblock details are below in alphabetical order:

Superblock 1036800

Proposal Name: atc-sb1036800-infra Owner: atcsecure

Cost: 800 BLOCK

Proposal: infrastructure costs for blocknet related services

Previous Work: ATC infrastructure costs

Overview: infrastructure costs for blocknet related services

- gitian build server

- aws instances/s3 buckets


- API end points

- blockdx serverless config hooks

How to vote:

mnbudget vote 9ffd581c91f7d5b436c85c7d204fff5e396d4bd3b859e3a68115f76f30adcc9c yes/no
blocknetdx-cli mnbudget vote 9ffd581c91f7d5b436c85c7d204fff5e396d4bd3b859e3a68115f76f30adcc9c yes/no

— — — —

Proposal Name: aws-july Owner: 86b

Cost: 510 BLOCK

Proposal: Aws July

This proposal is to cover our AWS-related project costs for the month of July. Services include:

How to vote:

mnbudget vote b9648fcd94b003b65c9d391fe605734cec232a04f0d7b68f1704961da8bf0606 yes/no
blocknetdx-cli mnbudget vote b9648fcd94b003b65c9d391fe605734cec232a04f0d7b68f1704961da8bf0606 yes/no

— — — —

Proposal Name: bizdev-1036800 Owner: Mastermind

Cost: 2500 BLOCK

Proposal: Business Development

Background/Previous Work::
July Business Development Summary
We now have a much stronger presentation to provide to prospective clients with the completion of the partnership pitch deck. Initial calls with clients have had their rocky points, as we are pitching a new technology on top of another relatively new technology, but as we go forward the discussions will be more refined as we gain insight on how clients are thinking of applying Blocknet to their business model. Looking forward to continuing to build the pipeline and pressing on with the initial strategy as outlined in my first proposal last month.

Current pipeline:
Banking Sector:
-We received positive feedback from the client from the initial call we had back in June. The client invited us to a second call scheduled for July 30th to speak with their FX team to explore a possible use case.

Consulting Sector:
-Initial call with a global technology consulting firm to discuss possible partnership structures. Feedback was mixed. I am revising the pitch deck to clarify specific business cases for the technology and how it can apply to the firm’s clients. I will reach out next week with the client to follow up on our discussion.

Background/Previous Work:
My background is primarily in technology and banking. In the past, I ran my own technology consulting company and created custom designed software solutions for my clients. I have been involved in Bitcoin since 2011 and have followed this incredibly dynamic industry ever since.

I currently work as an investment banker covering large corporate clients. My primary responsibility is generating new ideas for clients that would be profitable for the bank (business development) with ancillary responsibilities typical of every investment banker (credit and lending, financial analysis, raising capital, M&A, etc).

Blocknet has a niche, the tech, and an opportunity to take the lead in the interoperability space- but it is abundantly clear that this message has not gotten to the right decision makers at the right companies.

My initial targets will be global financial institutions (Citi/JPM/BAML/HSBC/DB/MS/GS/Standard Chartered/RBC/UBS/Barclays/etc.) and global consulting firms (Bain/McKinsey/Accenture/Boston/Booz Allen/PwC/EY/Deloitte/KPMG).

The rationale behind this strategy is that the top financial institutions and consultants both have the largest companies in the world as their clientele. Their role is to understand their client’s strategy and to help them execute on that strategy, which means they usually have a pretty good insight into what their clients want and what they might need to 1) generate more revenue 2) save time or 3) cut costs.

I have many connections within these companies/sectors and feel confident that I will be able to ignite interest in the project and land our first partnership as a result of my efforts.

The amount requested for this Superblock is a retainer to begin spending time contributing to this project for the month of August.

How to vote:

mnbudget vote 151746eab7bd26b48559e70755997f5bbc520283c41dd7dfbf8f5c723e03d79b yes/no
blocknetdx-cli mnbudget vote 151746eab7bd26b48559e70755997f5bbc520283c41dd7dfbf8f5c723e03d79b yes/no

— — — —

Proposal Name: blockdx-jsdev-aug Owner: Hanniabu

Cost: 2300 BLOCK

Proposal: Block DX Dev

Block DX requires continued javascript development, maintenance, and bug fixing. This work is being completed by a js developer that has been working with the team on Block DX since January 2018.


How to vote:

mnbudget vote 7ecb13999d1d05da70a9735cc3b8c3e151296494d8f95447d7e88e7238e32b80 yes/no
blocknetdx-cli mnbudget vote 7ecb13999d1d05da70a9735cc3b8c3e151296494d8f95447d7e88e7238e32b80 yes/no

— — — —

Proposal Name: buildserver-cost-aug Owner: michael

Cost: 350 BLOCK

Proposal: Build Server

This build and test server is responsible for auto-generating all of the dev builds for Linux, Mac, Windows and is important for QA testing as well as for validating Blocknet’s code on github. It also allows the community to beta test our upcoming releases.

How to vote:

mnbudget vote 51de2ba5ef8c91beb7f176d7b5aaf52573dd80cc321fa20b7829bcac22c62f68 yes /no
blocknetdx-cli mnbudget vote 51de2ba5ef8c91beb7f176d7b5aaf52573dd80cc321fa20b7829bcac22c62f68 yes/no

— — — —

Proposal Name: equipment-1036800 Owner: UAT team

Cost: 1450 BLOCK

Proposal: Project Equipment


This proposal is to enable us to expand our physical systems used for UAT tasks, which allow us to perform development support, UAT, integration, and QA tasks. All of which rely on us having access to many blockchains and the capability to host any other services we rely on for our work.

These various upgrades are required to provide us with a high quality testing environment on both mainnet and testnet, to developers and UAT who are battle-testing XRouter, XBridge, and XCloud services across various chains. This includes several custom ones, such as Ethereum and EOS which demand abundant computing, storage, and memory resources.

The bulk of the costs for this month’s proposal are the acquisition of a new rackmount test-server that shall be placed in a data center, to provide high-level support for XRouter/XCloud development and testing. Other costs include SSD expansion on another one of our test systems, which is required to enable local access to ETH/EOS chains on said test system.

How to vote:

mnbudget vote 699a541c4d0f470ecedc181ec0ab6633f161d7f8f7d3a95b8fdabb4d1d3e4796 yes/no
blocknetdx-cli mnbudget vote 699a541c4d0f470ecedc181ec0ab6633f161d7f8f7d3a95b8fdabb4d1d3e4796 yes/no

— — — —

Proposal Name: hanniabu-1036800 Owner: Hanni Abu

Cost: 5100 BLOCK

Proposal: Core Contributions

Previous Work:
I began contributing in August 2017 when I saw there were areas the project could use help in. The first thing I worked on was an informational website ( since informational resources we lacking. This led to submitting my first Superblock proposal that next month for further contribution.

Since then I have been responsible for multiple projects and tasks, as well have assisted in others. Some of these items are as follows:

Below is a list of items I have been working on the past Superblock period.

As a core contributor of Blocknet, I take part in many daily tasks that help keep the project running smoothly, as well as larger tasks that move Blocknet forward. Putting in an average 60 hours a week, I partake in projects that build Blocknet’s foundation and assist in other projects in order to help meet objectives. This proposal is for compensation to allow me to continue contributing to Blocknet for the next upcoming Superblock period.

I have a technical background with a degree in mechanical engineering, prior development experience, and have spent a few years a a few early stage startups (pre and post seed round). This experience helps in various aspects of the project including working in a fast-paced environment, wearing multiple ‘hats’, pivoting priorities and tasks, understanding the project technicals and vision, communicating the different components, conveying concepts into diagrams and text, and budgeting and financials.

Attention to detail is another useful trait. When reviewing interface UI and user experience, performing QA, writing specifications and documents, and communicating concepts, this attention to detail is important as it’s typically the intricacies that make a difference.

In addition to daily tasks, the following list are main items I plan to be working on in the following Superblock period. Keep in mind that some of these may not be completed this upcoming Superblock period, may be pushed back due to a change in priority, or may be ongoing long term items.

The amount requested for this Superblock is a retainer to continue contributing to this project.

How to vote:

mnbudget vote fd13ee5f8f2119a9bab8c827b18e56b9c1791e1008ea416a8b880f03adccb5a0 yes/no
blocknetdx-cli mnbudget vote fd13ee5f8f2119a9bab8c827b18e56b9c1791e1008ea416a8b880f03adccb5a0 yes/no

— — — —

Proposal Name: infinity7592-aug19 Owner: Infinity7592

Cost: 375 BLOCK

Proposal: Debugging

Previous Work:


How to vote:

mnbudget vote 51377cb3bd625de14b9ba3580e7d545fbbeba477fab88afc3e00f4505af58b2f yes/no
blocknetdx-cli mnbudget vote 51377cb3bd625de14b9ba3580e7d545fbbeba477fab88afc3e00f4505af58b2f yes/no

— — — —

Proposal Name: marketing-1036800 Owner: Fattox (Funds are paid out directly to our Marketing Fund)

Cost: 3545 BLOCK

Proposal: Marketing Funds

This proposal is to make use of the 3,545 left in the superblock capacity, to cover some Marketing costs. Specifically, publishing costs on a major crypto news outlet for one of our articles. This will leave our Marketing Funds intact, since it covers roughly (at time of press) 90% of that cost.

Marketing Funds can be seen here:

How to vote:

mnbudget vote 537ebb6bf429c8f6190a86fd02d3c4e0c7d9f60cfa80d3e058b34edb441d8e23 yes/no
blocknetdx-cli mnbudget vote 537ebb6bf429c8f6190a86fd02d3c4e0c7d9f60cfa80d3e058b34edb441d8e23 yes/no

— — — —

Proposal Name: michael-dev-aug Owner: michael

Cost: 8000 BLOCK

Proposal: Core Development

July recap
The month of July was primarily dedicated to the continued development of a production ready blockchain capable of supporting the growing needs of the XBridge, XRouter, and XCloud products. The work can be reviewed here: 1. Testnet builds here:
I continued developing the underlying PoS system. I created the Service Node discovery protocol and began architecting the on-chain Governance System. I also wrote unit tests validating the PoS and Service Node code. On the existing chain, I submitted builds to QA for the upcoming 3.13.2 release, which includes XBridge support for newer chains and other bug fixes and security checks. That work can be reviewed here: I did code reviews on code in the Block DX 1.2.0 release (the 13th release to date).

August Development Overview
The goals for August include continuing the effort to upgrade Blocknet’s core blockchain code. This involves completing the new on-chain Governance System and integrating XBridge, XRouter, and XCloud into the Service Node discovery protocol. The purpose of the new blockchain code (fork of v18 Bitcoin) is to make Blocknet an enterprise ready platform that companies and developers around the world can build on with confidence.

Core Development task summary:

Other tasks

Upcoming XRouter tasks:

How to vote:

mnbudget vote fd66a23e56b3e51304d5ab2b79c1090f39cbe51fb69fbb14965078c1f581343d yes/no
blocknetdx-cli mnbudget vote fd66a23e56b3e51304d5ab2b79c1090f39cbe51fb69fbb14965078c1f581343d yes/no

— — — —

Proposal Name: Social_Philip_Aug Owner: Philip Marshall

Cost: 840 BLOCK

Proposal: Copywriter, Social Media Admin

Previous, Recent and forthcoming tasks:

Overview :

Cost Assessment:

7.0 BLOCK per hour / 4 hours per day @ $2.11 per BLOCK.

A fixed amount of 840 BLOCK from Superblock (Plus 10 BLOCK fee)

If this proposal passes but is bumped from the Superblock due to there not being enough room, this will be paid out from the Marketing Fund

How to vote:

mnbudget vote     fa9dddba756f6753f4a557d211278c1e79a54fcc9cb0e3b8c5804b7b82e55717 yes/no
blocknetdx-cli mnbudget vote fa9dddba756f6753f4a557d211278c1e79a54fcc9cb0e3b8c5804b7b82e55717 yes/no

— — — —

Proposal Name: TheVoice-1036800 Owner: TheVoice

Cost: 1250 BLOCK

Proposal: Support, Telegram, and Discord, Real Use Videos, Blocknet Crew media

Previous Work:

Support, Telegram, and Discord, Real Use Videos, Blocknet Crew media

Focus on Blocknet Project through support and core team assistance along with regular involvement on any needed core projects. Broaden the use and creation of tools to simplify user ease of use — real use videos for the community. Also building internal community participation in outside media, like but not limited to Twitter and Medium where we have the opportunity to reach people that have little or no knowledge yet of the Blocknet and Blocknet protocols. Encouraging new engagement and adoption organically.

Blocknet Bootstrap Windows

Blocknet Bootstrap for Windows — Existing Install

The Blocknet XRouter and Sia Decentralized Storage Video

Blocknet XRouter and Sia Decentralized Storage Platform

Blocknet Crew pop video for Block DX for Instagram and Twitter

Block DX is Fast Peer to Peer Trading Fun

Encouraging growth and opportunity with the development of teams on other communities to build usage of Block DX.

The continuing development of support videos per the community needs and the Trello listings. Partnering with Core Team as they need or desire promotional real use media.

How to vote:

mnbudget vote b9cf14ef95d8b20e798cbefe3ad4385591dc60708e55c6ad13eab9445c3dcd86 yes/no
blocknetdx-cli mnbudget vote b9cf14ef95d8b20e798cbefe3ad4385591dc60708e55c6ad13eab9445c3dcd86 yes/no

— — — —

Proposal Name: uat-1036800 Owner: 86b / Fattox / Aderks

Cost: 12,970 BLOCK

Proposal: UAT


How to vote:

mnbudget vote 3c91dd02a7a9a1181f96a5d4c5c6e320efb1a39bf14c0a6219834b5e68346cb0 yes/no
blocknetdx-cli mnbudget vote 3c91dd02a7a9a1181f96a5d4c5c6e320efb1a39bf14c0a6219834b5e68346cb0 yes/no

— — — —

For more detailed instructions see:


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