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This newsletter is published once per month and is aimed at keeping the Blocknet community up-to-date on the finer details of the project. For those who are new to the Blocknet, we recommend checking out the latest Ecosystem Update for a broader understanding of our project’s progress and vision.


  • Disappearing stake issue resolved — The next release of the Blocknet Wallet will contain improvements on the state management of stakes that will resolve the issue causing stakes that orphaned twice to disappear from the wallet record.
  • Upstream updates complete — A total of 80 upstream updates from Bitcoin v.18.1 have been integrated into the Blocknet base-chain code.
  • ERC-20 BLOCK solution — Our developers have arrived at an exciting potential short-term solution for the creation of an ERC-20 BLOCK token using Fusion’s DCRM (Decentralized Control Rights Management). The longer-term vision is for the Blocknet to have its own BLOCK/ERC-20 bridge that uses the Blocknet Protocol.
  • XBridge ETH/ERC-20 in progress — Work on the much anticipated ETH/ERC-20 XBridge integration is in progress and will continue over the next couple of months.
  • Process automation in progress — Various blockchain configuration and service node processes are in the process of being automated, including:
1. detecting new releases on GitHub from existing supported coins2. auto-adding existing supported coins to a servicenode deployment 3. auto-adding existing supported coin to dockerimages (which is required for servicenode deployment)4. automated XBridge config generation for supported coins from manifests
  • ARM build in progress — Work on the ARM build for Block DX Exchange is continuing.
  • Trading bot updates — Source code for the dxmakerbot alpha version has been updated with some fixes and new debug logs. Dxmakerbot can now be configured with 3 wallets (BLOCK/BTC/LTC) to run 3 trading pairs with separate coin resources. Testing and debugging continues.


  • Trading data API — We are close to finalizing an API for Block DX trading volume that is compliant with Coin Market Cap’s posted specifications (Coin Gecko has similar requirements).
  • New roadmap underway — Planning and discussions surrounding the new project roadmap continues. The upcoming roadmap release will be an exciting development for the Blocknet community and new investors alike.
  • Weekly Roundup a hit — The Weekly Roundup email newsletter continues to be popular with subscribers (an average of 20% open rate and 3.7% link click rate).
  • XLite campaign a success — The XLite opt-in campaign on the website is performing well, with 28 new leads and a clickthrough rate of almost 5%.
  • XRouter landing page — The content and wireframing of a new XRouter landing page is in progress.
  • Discord campaign — A Discord traffic opt-in campaign is has been prepared and will be launched after the XLite campaign finishes.
  • XLite on Producthunt — XLite has been submitted on the Producthunt website here. Producthunt is a place for product-loving enthusiasts to share and discuss the latest apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations.
  • Twitter makeover — The Blocknet and Block DX Twitter account have a fresh new look that is more consistent our new website and brand.

Looking Forward

With so many important developments in the pipeline, we could not be more excited about future the Blocknet and its impact on the DeFi Ecosystem. If you would like to contribute to the project, have something to add, or a problem, please let us know in our Discord. To stay up-to-date with the latest news, be sure and subscribe to our Newsletter.

Onwards and upwards,

– The Blocknet Contributors

About Blocknet

The Blocknet is a decentralized network and protocol suite for seamless cross-blockchain interoperability.

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Blocknet is a 2nd layer blockchain interoperability protocol that enables communication, interaction & exchange between different blockchains.